Macroeconomics Seminars Winter 2021

Wednesdays, 4:00-5:20 pm
Zoom meeting ID’s will be emailed out before each seminar.

Questions? Contact Marcelle Chauvet

When available, the papers may be downloaded as pdf files, which can be read or printed using the Acrobat Reader.

1/13/2021 Marcelle Chauvet (UCR) A Time Series Model of the Covid-19 Recession
1/20/2021 Phillippe Goulet Coulombe (University of Pennsylvania) The Macroecononomy as a Random Forest


Workshop : Ethics Presentation

Organizer: Carolyn Sloane

1/27/2021 Alessandro Rebucci (Johns Hopkins University) Real Effects of the ECB’s Unconventional Monetary Policy: A Housing Portfolio Channel
2/03/2021 Pete Klenow (Stanford University) A Theory of Falling Growth and Rising Rents
2/10/2021 Chad Jones (Stanford University) Recipes and Economic Growth: A Combinatorial March Down an Exponential Tail
2/17/2021 Michael Kiley (Federal Reserve Board) Financial Conditions and Economic Activity: Insights from Machine Learning
2/24/2021 Eric Sims (Notre Dame University) Bury the Gold Standard? A Quantitative Exploration
3/03/2021 Yuriy Gorodnichenko (University of California, Berkeley) Forward Guidance and Household Expectations
3/10/2021 Martin Einhenbaum (Northwestern University) How do People Respond to Small Probability Events with Large, Negative Consequences?