Graduate Program

Our department offers a Ph.D. degree in Economics. On this website you will find a complete listing of our core program requirements, field options, areas of faculty research, and a listing of current Ph.D. students. We also have an excellent record at placing our graduate students in very competitive research, teaching and non-teaching positions in the United States and overseas.

The mission of our department is to admit those students who demonstrate the greatest promise for success in our Ph.D. Program. Therefore, our decisions on admission are based on many factors including, but not limited to, the applicant’s academic preparation, their grades or marks received in undergraduate (and graduate studies if also completed), their letters of recommendation, their GRE scores and their area(s) of research interest. The department encourages applicants from a variety of backgrounds, but a good understanding of intermediate microeconomics, intermediate macroeconomics, multivariate calculus, and elementary linear algebra is necessary to begin taking the core requirements. In addition, two courses in basic probability and statistics or econometrics are required before beginning the core econometrics sequence.

UCR is a rapidly expanding campus. There are many exciting new initiatives on campus, such as the School of Public Policy and the Global Studies Program, which will offer students interested in applied policy several new opportunities. The city of Riverside is also a very liveable community, and was recently ranked among the best places to reside and do business in the United States. Riverside is less than an hour from the beach, the mountains (where you have first-rate skiing), and the desert! Few places in the United States can offer such recreation possibilities.

We would be glad to hear from you if you have inquiries about our program, and we hope you will find the information provided here useful.

Richard James Arnott, Graduate Advisor for Admissions
Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera, Graduate Advisor for Enrolled Students