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Hiroki Nishimura
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Gary Kuzas
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Ph.D. Candidates 2018-2019

Deepshikha Batheja

Curriculum Vitae

Paper:  not availabe yet

References: Anil Deolalikar (Co-Chair), Sarojini Hirshleifer (Co-Chair), Joseph Cummins

Major Fields: Development Economics, Labor Economics, Field Experiments, Economics of Gender, Economics of Organization

Christian Gunadi

Christian Gunadi

Curriculum VitaeWebsite

Paper:  “An Inquiry on the Impact of Highly-skilled STEM Immigration on the U.S. Economy

References (*Advisor): Joseph Cummins*, Michael Bates, Steven Helfand

Major Fields: Labor Economics, Development Economics, Immigration Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Christian Gunadi

Seolah Kim

Curriculum Vitae | Website

Paper:  “A Consistent Nonparametric Test for Endogeneity”

References: Aman Ullah (Chair), Tae-Hwy Lee, Michael Bates, Ruoyao Shi

Major Fields: Econometrics, Nonparametric Hypothesis Testing, Applied Econometrics, Labor Economics

Christian Gunadi

Ali Mehrabani

Curriculum Vitae | Website

Paper: “The Large-Sample, Small Disturbance, and Asymptotic Conditions for Dominance of an Efficient Shrinkage in Seemingly Unrelated Regression Equations”

References: Aman Ullah (Chair), Tae-Hwy Lee, Matthew D. Lang, Joab N. Corey

Major Fields: Econometrics, Applied Econometrics, Empirical Microeconomics, Financial Econometrics, and Big data

Christian Gunadi

Shahnaz Parsaein

Curriculum VitaeWebsite

Paper: “Optimal Forecast under Structural Breaks with Application to Equity Premium”

References: Aman Ullah (Co-Chair), Tae-Hwy Lee (Co-Chair), Bree Lang, Joab N. Corey

Major Fields: Econometrics, Applied Econometrics, Empirical Macroeconomics, Financial Econometrics, Big Data

Christian Gunadi

Yoon Jae Ro

Curriculum Vitae | Website

Paper: “The Effects of Teacher Performance Measures on Student Achievement”

References: Michael Bates (Co-Chair), Anil Deolalikar (Co-Chair), Ozkan Eren, Matthew Lang

Major Fields: Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Applied Microeconomics

Matthew Taylor

Curriculum VitaeWebsite

Paper: “The Farm Size – Productivity Relationship in the Wake of Market Reform: an Analysis of Mexican Family Farms”

References: Steven Helfand (Chair), Anil Deolalikar, Joseph Cummins

Major Fields: Development Economics, Applied Microeconomic Theory, US Economic History, and Political Economy

Ran Wang

Curriculum Vitae


References: Tae-Hwy Lee (Co-Chair), Aman Ullah (Co-Chair), Ruoyao Shi

Major Fields: Causal Inference, Econometrics, Machine Learning, Time Series Analysis, Data Mining

Christian Gunadi

Peng Zhao


Paper: “Housing Structure Depreciation”

References: Richard Arnott (Chair), Ozkan Eren, Aman Ullah

Major Fields: Microeconomics, Urban Economics, Regional Economics, Real Estate Economics, Housing Economics, Computational Economics, Applied Econometrics