Econometrics Seminars Spring 2015

Fridays, 4:10- 5:30pm (unless otherwise specified)
Sproul Hall 2206

Questions? Contact Tae Hwy Lee

When available, the papers may be downloaded as pdf files, which can be read or printed using the Acrobat Reader.

4/3/2015 Ji Hyung Lee, University of Washington, Seattle Econometric inference in predictive mean/quantile regression models (Paper 1 | Paper 2)
4/10/2015 Shujie Ma, UCR Statistics A concave pairwise fusion approach to subgroup analysis
4/17/2015 Yan Ge, UCR Economics Comparing Nested Predictive Regression Models with Persistent Predictors
4/24/2015 Shuyang Sheng, UC Los Angeles Estimation of Large Network Formation Games
4/27/2015* Jean-Marie Dufour, McGill University

*NOTE: (This is a Monday)

Wald-type tests when rank conditions fail: a smooth regularization approach
4/28/2015* Jean-Marie Dufour, McGill University

*NOTE: (This is a Tuesday, 2:10-3:30pm, SPR 2206)

Exogeneity tests and IV estimation: is the cure worse than the illness?
4/29/2015* Marine Carrasco, University of Montreal

*NOTE: (This is a Wednesday)

Functional linear regression with functional response
5/1/2015* Travis Lybbert, UC Davis

*NOTE: (This is Applied Economics Seminar)

Experimental Market For Micronutrient Supplements To Prevent Undernutrition: Estimating Household Demand Persistence In Rural Burkina Faso
5/8/2015 Denis Chetverikov, UC Los Angeles Nonparametric Instrumental Variable Estimation Under Monotonicity
5/15/2015 Weixin Yao, UCR Statistics Semiparametric Extensions Of Mixture Models
5/22/2015 Dalia Ghanem, UC Davis Testing Indentifying Assumptions In Nonseparable Panel Data Models
5/29/2015* Sofia Franco, Nova School of Business & Economics, Portugal

*NOTE: (This will be an Applied Economics Seminar)

Downtown Parking Supply, Work Trip Mode Choice And Urban Structure
6/5/2015 Myong-Hwal Lee, Korea Institute of Finance & UCR Visiting Scholar in Economics Estimating Global Systemic Risk With The G-SIFI’s CDS Data: The Vine Copula Approach
6/12/2015 No Seminar Spring finals week, no seminar