Applied Economics Seminars Winter 2014

Wednesdays, 4:10-5:30 pm (unless otherwise specified)
Sproul 2206

Questions? Contact Mindy Marks & Richard Arnott

When available, the papers may be downloaded as pdf files, which can be read or printed using the Acrobat Reader.

1/8/2014 Vilma Sarshar, UCR Ph.D. Candidate in Economics  A Matter of Time: An Impact Evaluation Of The Programa Nacional De Credito Fundiario
1/15/2014 TBA TBA
1/22/2014 TBA  TBA-Job Market Candidate Seminar
1/29/2014 Sergio Urzuwa, University of Maryland Loans For Higher Education: Does The Dream Come True?
2/5/2014* Robert Sugden, University of East Anglia, U.K.

*NOTE: (Please note, this is an Economic Theory Seminar, and will be held from 2:20-3:30. Location is Spr 2206)

Characterising Competitive Equilibrium In Terms Of Opportunity
2/5/2014 Anna Tompsett, Columbia University Bridges: Transport Infrastructure And Economic Geography On The Mississippi And Ohio Rivers 1860-2000
2/12/2014 TBA TBA-Job Market Candidate Seminar
2/19/2014 TBA TBA-Job Market Candidate Seminar
2/26/2014 TBA TBA
3/5/2014 Lai Jiang, University of British Columbia An Empirical Model Of The Effect of “Bill Shock” Regulation In Mobile Telecommunication Markets
3/12/2014 Thomas Lemieux, University of British Columbia Performance Pay And Earnings Dynamics
3/18/2014* Richard Freeman, Harvard University

*NOTE: (General & Grad student presentation in Sproul 2206 from 4:10-5:30pm)

Saving U.S. Capitalism The American Way: Spreading Capital Ownership
3/19/2014* Richard Freeman, Harvard University

*NOTE: (Faculty Presentation in 2206 Sproul Hall, regular time)

Collaborating With People Like Me: Ethnic Co-Authorship Within The U.S.