Political Economy & Development Seminars Fall 2004

Fall 2004 Seminars Wednesdays, 4:10-5:30 pm (unless otherwise specified) Sproul Hall 2206

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When available, the papers may be downloaded as pdf files, which can be read or printed using the Acrobat Reader.

9/28/2004* Stephen Turnovksy Economics Department University of Washington Public Lecture

*NOTE: TuesdayHumanities 1500 4:10-5:30 pm; jointly with Theory

Old and New Growth Theories: A Unifying Structure?
9/29/2004 Stephen Turnovksy Economics Department University of Washington With Theory Growth and Income Inequality: Tradeoffs and Policy Responses
10/6/2004 Susan B. Carter & Richard Sutch Economics Department UCR Why Not in Australia?: Economic Growth in the Age of Mass Migration
10/13/2004 David Ellerman Visiting Economics Department UCR Migration and (the Lack of) Source-Country Development
10/20/2004 David Kauper Economics Department UCR Best-Practice Growth and Dynamic Efficiency
10/27/2004 Shatakshee Dhongde Economics Department UCR Measuring the Impact of Growth and Changes in the Distribution of Income and Poverty in India
11/3/2004 Mindy Marks Economics Department UCR Employer-Provided Health Insurance, the Minimum Wage, and the Use of Part-Time Labor
11/10/2004 Peter Lanjouw World Bank/ Visiting UC Berkley Poverty Alleviation Through Geographic Targeting: How Much Does Disaggregation Help?
11/22/2004* John Strauss USC

*NOTE: Monday Sproul 2206 4:10-5:30 pm

Indonesian Family Life Survey (IFLS) III

India, Pakistan and the Future of South Asia

11/23/2004* Akmal Hussain Pakistan Institute of Development Economics Public Lecture

*NOTE: Tuesday HMNSS 1500 12:00-1:30 pm

Paper 1

Paper 2

Poverty, Power and Asymmetric Markets in Pakistan

11/24/2004 Akmal Hussain Pakistan Institute of Development Economics Paper 1

Paper 2

12/1/2004 Eustáquio Reis Applied Economics Research Institute, Brazil Long Run Brazilian Growth: Spatial Perspectives