Applied Economics Seminars Winter 2010

Fridays, 4:10-5:30 pm (unless otherwise specified)
Sproul 2206

Questions? Contact Jorge Aguero & Steve Helfand.

When available, the papers may be downloaded as pdf files, which can be read or printed using the Acrobat Reader.

1/8/2010 Arindam Nandi, PhD Candidate, UC Economics The Impact of a Ban on Sex-Selective Abortion on the Juvenile Sex Ratio In India: Evidence from a Policy Change
1/15/2010 Diana Fletschner, University of Washington A Nuanced Analysis of Rural Women’s Access to Credit Paper 1 | Paper 2 | Paper 3 | Paper 4
1/22/2010 Yves Zenou, Stockholm University Juvenile Delinquency and Conformism
1/28/2010* Erik Thorbecke, Cornell University

*NOTE: (Campus-wide presentation to be held in HMSS 1500 from 3:30 – 5pm)

The Impact of Globalization on Poverty in Asia, Latin America, and Africa Paper 1 | Paper 2
1/29/2010 Erik Thorbecke, Cornell University (Departmental Presentation The Foster-Greer-Thorbecke Poverty Measures: Twenty-Five Years Later
2/5/2010 Steven Helfand, UCR Economics How Important are Locational Characteristics for Rural Non-agricultural Employment?  Lessons from Brazil
2/11/2010* Michael Carter, University of Wisconsin

*NOTE: (Graduate student presentation from 4:10-5:30 in Sproul 2206)

Poverty Traps and Asset Smoothing: Theory, Evidence and What to Do About Them Paper 1 | Paper 2 | Paper 3
2/12/2010* Michael Carter, University of Wisconsin

*NOTE: (Departmental Presentation)

Left, Right, Left: Income Dynamics and The Evolution of Political Preferences of Forward-Looking Bayesian Voters 
2/19/2010 Erik Jonasson, Lund University Regional Variation in Informal Employment: Skills, Norms, and Governance
2/26/2010 Julian Betts, UC San Diego Teacher Merit Pay Based on Student Test Scores: A Brilliant Innovation or Near-Certain Disaster? 
3/5/2010 Craig McIntosh, UC San Diego Fair Trade and Free Entry: Generating Benefits in a Disequilibrium Market
3/12/2010 Maithili Ramachandran & Kate Choi, PhD Candidates, UCR Economics (1) The Intergenerational Effects of Increasing Women’s Schooling, Evidence from Zimbabwe

(2) A Million Dollar Smile: The Impact of Medicaid Insurance Coverage on Dental Service Use