Applied Economics Seminars Spring 2009

Mondays, 4:10-5:30 pm (unless otherwise specified)
Sproul 2206

Questions? Contact Jorge AgueroMindy Marks, & Todd Sorensen.

When available, the papers may be downloaded as pdf files, which can be read or printed using the Acrobat Reader.

5/30/2009 Monica Das, Skidmore College Income Inequality; Income Transfers and Growth in the US States
4/6/2009 Taryn Dinkelman, Princeton University The Effects of Rural Electrification on Employment:  New Evidence from South Africa
4/13/2009 Ron Oaxaca, University of Arizona New Market Power Models and Sex Differences in Pay
4/14/2009* Ron Oaxaca, University of Arizona

*NOTE: Graduate Student Seminar, LOCATION TBA

The Econometrics of Wage Decompositions
4/15/2009* Amnon Rapoport, UCR

*NOTE: Joint seminar with Economic Theory

Information Effects in Congested Traffic Networks
4/20/2009 Josh Angrist, MIT Autonomy and Decentralization in Public Schools: New Evidence from Boston’s Charters and Pilots
4/24/2009* Marcel Fafchamps, Oxford University

*NOTE: FRIDAY, 3-4:30 in Sproul 2206

Determinants of the Choice of Migration Destination
4/27/2009* Yongmiao Hong, Cornell University

*NOTE: This is an Econometrics Presentation

Asset Return Predictability over Different Time Horizons: A Nonparametric Approach
4/28/2009* Yongmiao Hong, Cornell University

*NOTE: Graduate Student Seminar, location is Sproul 2206 from 5:10-6:30pm. This is also an Econometrics Presentation

The Martingale theory in economics and finance: An Econometric Perspective
5/4/2009 Ken Wolpin, University of Pennsylvania Seminar Cancelled
5/11/2009 Sonia Bhalotra, University of Bristol, GB Seminar Cancelled
5/18/2009 Amalia Millier, University of Virginia Does Temporary Affirmative Action Produce Persistent Effects? A Study of Black & Female Employment in Law Enforcement
5/25/2009 No Seminar, Memorial Day Holiday NO SEMINAR
6/1/2009 (1) Trinidad Beleche

(2) Arindam Nandi UCR Graduate Students

(3) Encarna Esteban Gracia, University of Zaragoza, Spain

(1) Intra-Family Violence Laws & Acts of Domestic Violence in Mexico

(2)Sex-selective Abortion and Child Sex Ratio in India: Evidence from a Exogenous Policy Change in Selective Indian States

(3)  Regulating water quantity and quality. The case of Ebro basin and Western “La Mancha” aquifer, Spain.