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Working Papers

18-01Extreme Returns and Intensity of Trading; Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera, Wei Lin. January 2018.
18-02Synthetic Control and Inference; Ruoyao Shi, Jinyong Hahn. January 2018.
18-03An Averaging GMM Estimator Robust to Misspecification; Ruoyao Shi, Zhipeng Liao. January 2018.
18-04Housing Market Dynamics with Search Frictions; Victor Ortego-Marti, Miroslav Gabrovski. March 2018.
18-05Growth in Stress; Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera, Esther Ruiz, Javier Vicente. April 2018.
18-06Moral Hazard, Uncertain Technologies, and Linear Contracts; Urmee Khan, Martin Dumav. April 2018.
18-07Optimal Legal Moments and Stabilization Rules; Urmee Khan, Frank Fagan. April 2018.
18-08Moral Hazard with Non-Additive Uncertainty: When are Actions Implementable?; Urmee Khan, Martin Dumav. April 2018.
18-09Is Higher Quality Land Developed Earlier?; Richard Arnott, Lopez Juan Carlos. April 2018.
18-10Tax Evasion and Financial Development under Asymmetric Information in Credit Markets; Jang-Ting Guo, Fu-Sheng Hung. May 2018.
18-11The Inverse Relationship between Farm Size and Productivity: Refocusing the Debate; Steven Helfand, Matthew Taylor. July 2018.
18-12Age-Profile Estimates of the Relationship Between Economic Growth and Child Health; Joseph Cummins, Anaka Aiyar. August 2018.
18-13Employment and Output Effects of Federal Regulations on Small Business; Jang-Ting Guo, Dustin Chambers. September 2018.
18-14No Impact of Rural Development Policies? No Synergies with Conditional Cash Transfers? An Investigation of the IFAD-Supported Gavião Project in Brazil; Steven Helfand, Lorena Viera Costa, André Portela Souza. September 2018.
18-15A Matter of Time: An Impact Evaluation of the Brazilian National Land Credit Program; Steven Helfand, Vilma Sielawa, Deepak Singhania. September 2018.
18-16Search and Credit Frictions in the Housing Market; Victor Ortego-Marti, Miroslav Gabrovski. September 2018.
18-17Prediction Regions for Interval-valued Time Series; Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera, Yun Luo, Esther Ruiz. October 2018.

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