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Working Papers

14-01Moment Approximation for Unit Root Models with Nonnormal Errors; Aman Ullah, Yong Bao, Ru Zhang. September 2014.
14-02Unemployment History and Frictional Wage Dispersion; Victor Ortego-Marti. September 2014.
14-03Indeterminacy with Progressive Taxation and Sector-Specific Externalities; Jang-Ting Guo, Sharon G. Harrison. September 2014.
14-04Nonparametric and Semiparametric Regressions Subject to Monotonicity Constraints: Estimation and Forecasting; Tae-Hwy Lee, Yundong Tu, Aman Ullah. September 2014.
14-05Forecasting Equity Premium: Global Historical Average versus Local Historical Average and Constraints; Tae-Hwy Lee, Yundong Tu, Aman Ullah. September 2014.
14-06Granger-Causality in Quantiles between Financial Markets: Using Copula Approach; Tae-Hwy Lee, Weiping Yang. September 2014.
14-07Asymmetric Loss in the Greenbook and the Survey of Professional Forecasters; Tae-Hwy Lee, Yiyao Wang. September 2014.
14-08A Semiparametric Conditional Duration Model; Aman Ullah, Mardi Dungey, Xiangdong Long, Yun Wang. September 2014.
14-09Forecasting Value-at-Risk Using High Frequency Information; Tae-Hwy Lee, Huiyu Huang. September 2014.
14-10Forecasting Realized Volatility Using Subsample Averaging; Tae-Hwy Lee, Huiyu Huang. September 2014.
14-11Testing for Neglected Nonlinearity Using Artificial Neural Networks with Many Randomized Hidden Unit Activations; Tae-Hwy Lee, Zhou Xi, Ru Zhang. September 2014.
14-12A Semiparametric Generalized Ridge Estimator and Link with Model Averaging; Aman Ullah, Alan T.K. Wan, Huansha Wang, Xinyu Zhang, Guohua Zou. September 2014.
14-13Exact Distribution of the Mean Reversion Estimator in the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process; Aman Ullah, Yong Bao, Yun Wang. September 2014.
14-14News about Aggregate Demand and the Business Cycle; Jang-Ting Guo, Anca-Ioana Sirbu, Mark Weder. September 2014.
14-15Dynamic Nonlinear Income Taxation with Quasi-Hyperbolic Discounting and No Commitment; Jang-Ting Guo, Alan Krause. September 2014.
14-16The Cyclical Behavior of Unemployment and Vacancies with Loss of Skills during Unemployment; Victor Ortego-Marti. September 2014.
14-17On the Use and Misuse of Child Height-for-Age Z-score in the Demographic and Health Surveys; Joseph Cummins. September 2014.
14-18A Unified Approach to Revealed Preference Theory: The Case of Rational Choice; Hiroki Nishimura, Efe A. Ok, John K.-H. Quah. September 2014.
14-19The Transitive Core: Inference of Welfare from Nontransitive Preference Relations; Hiroki Nishimura. September 2014.
14-20What Makes a Commodity Currency?; Dongwon Lee, Yu-chin Chen. September 2014.
14-21Bagging Constrained Equity Premium Predictors; Tae-Hwy Lee, Eric Hillebrand, Marcelo Medeiros. September 2014.
14-22Testing for Neglected Nonlinearity Using Regularized Artificial Neural Networks; Tae-Hwy Lee, Zhou Xi, Ru Zhang. September 2014.
14-23Money-Income Granger-Causality in Quantiles; Tae-Hwy Lee, Weiping Yang. September 2014.
14-24Progressive Taxation, Endogenous Growth, and Macroeconomic (In)stability; Jang-Ting Guo, Shu-Hua Chen. September 2014.
14-25The Virtues of Hesitation; Urmee Khan, Maxwell Stinchcombe. September 2014.
14-26Information Processing in Prediction Markets: An Empirical Investigation; Urmee Khan, Robert Lieli. September 2014.
14-27Patient Preferences, Intergenerational Equity, and the Precautionary Principle; Urmee Khan, Maxwell Stinchcombe. September 2014.
14-28Density Forecast Evaluation in Unstable Environments; Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera, Yingying Sun. October 2014.
14-29Interval-valued Time Series: Model Estimation based on Order Statistics; Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera, Wei Lin. October 2014.
14-30Predicting Rare Events: Evaluating Systemic and Idiosyncratic Risk (editorial); Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera. October 2014.
14-31Generalized Autocontours: Evaluation of Multivariate Density Models; Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera, Yingying Sun. October 2014.
14-32Forecasting for Economics and Business; Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera. October 2014.
14-33Smoothing Methods for Histogram-valued Time Series. An Application to Value-at-Risk; Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera, Javier Arroyo, Carlos Mate, A. Munoz San Roque. October 2014.
14-34An Impact Analysis of Tribal Government Gaming in California; Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera, Anil Deolalikar, Martin Johnson, Mindy Marks, Joel Martin. October 2014.
14-35A Predictive Model for HIV-1 Co-receptor Selectivity; Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera, Chris Kieslich, David Shin, Aliana Lopez de Victoria, Dimitrios Morikis. November 2014.
14-36Multivariate Autocontours for Specification Testing in Multivariate GARCH Models; Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera, Emre Yoldas. November 2014.
14-37Economic Development and the Determinants of Spatial Integration in Agricultural Markets; Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera, Steven Helfand. November 2014.
14-38Forecasting with Interval and Histogram Data. Some Financial Applications; Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera, Javier Arroyo, Carlos Mate. November 2014.
14-39What are the long run effects of nurse occupational licensure?; Mindy Marks, Marc Law. November 2014.
14-40Baby Boomlets and Baby Health: Hospital Crowdedness, Treatment Intensity, and Infant Health; Mindy Marks, Kate Choi. November 2014.

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