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2008 Working Papers

Working Papers


08-01 Housing Policy in Developing Countries: The Importance of the Informal Economy Richard Arnott. January 2008
08-02 Locational Determinants of Rural Non- Agricultural Steven Helfand & Erik Jonasson, January 2008.
Nonlinear Time Series in Financial Forecasting, Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera and Tae-Hwy Lee (both Economics Faculty). February 2008.
Capital- Labor Substitution, Equilibrium Indeterminacy, and the Cyclical Behavior of Labor Income, Jang-Ting Guo and Kevin J. Lansing. April 2008.
Pollution and Land Use: Optimum and Decentralization Oded Hochman, Gordon Rausser, and Richard Arnott. March 2008
08-06 To Combine Forecasts or to Combine Information? (revised); Huiyu Huang and Tae-Hwy Lee, April 2008.
08-07 Henry Agard Wallace, the Iowa Corn Yield Tests, and the Adoption of Hybrid Corn; Richard C. Sutch, June 2008.
08-08 Resident Impacts of Immigration: Perspectives from America’s Age of Mass Migration; Susan B. Carter and Richard C. Sutch, June 2008.
08-09 Indeterminacy with No-Income-Effect Preferences and Sector-Specific Externalities; Jang-Ting Guo and Sharon G. Harrison, July 2008.
08-10 Optimal Nonlinear Income Taxation with Habit Formation; Jang-Ting Guo and Alan Krause, August 2008.
08-11 Shopper City; Richard Arnott and Yundong Tu, August 2008.
08-12 Tenancy Rent Control and Credible Commitment in Maintenance; Richard Arnott and Elizaveta Shevyakhova, September 2008.
08-13 The Stability of Downtown Parking and Traffic Congestion; Richard Arnott and Eren Inci, November 2008.
08-14 Social Status and Optimal Income Taxation; Juin-Jen Chang and Jang-Ting Guo, December 2008.
08-15 What's the matter with Michigan? Rise and Collapse of an Economic Wonder; Mason Gaffney, December 2008.

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