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  • Ph.D., Cambridge University, England, Economics
  • B.A. Honors and M.A., University of Dhaka, Economics


  • Macro and micro level planning: work in this area consists of both economy-wide planning models (ranging from the construction of input-output tables and using them to prepare multisectoral models for both consistent and optimum planning) and methods of project evaluation (especially the formulation of a model of estimating accounting prices for project evaluation)
  • Problems of employment, income distribution and poverty: work in these areas has consisted of the analysis of employment, income distribution and poverty trends in developing countries and formulating policies to promote employment, improve the distribution of income and alleviate poverty
  • Problems of socialist development and the development of the transitional economies: work in this area has focused on the agrarian institutions and policies and planning systems in the socialist economies


  • Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Member, Board of Editors

  • Pakistan Development Review
  • Bangladesh Development Studies
  • China Financial Quarterly
  • Review of Development Economics
  • Environment and Development Economics

Work Experience

Includes (i) teaching, (ii) research, (iii) economic planning and policy work for governments in developing countries; and (iv) policy and research work in international development agencies. Previous employment includes:

  • Senior Economist at the World Bank
  • Director of ILO’s Asian Employment Program
  • Lecturer in Economics at London School of Economics
  • Head of the General Economics Division at the Bangladesh Planning Commission
  • Research Director of the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies and the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics.

Advisory Work

Combines experience in policy work both in the developing countries and in international development agencies. Organized the technical work, including the formulation of a multisectoral model that served as the methodological frame, for the First Five-Year Plan of Bangladesh. Carried out similar work during the preparation of the Fourth Five-Year Plan of Pakistan and the Second Five-Year Plan of Bangladesh. Developed a system of project appraisal for the Bangladesh Government.

As a staff member of international development agencies, viz.,the World Bank and the International Labor Organization, and as a consultant to the United Nations Development Program, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the UN Conference on Trade and Development, carried out research/advisory work in a large number of developing countries. Was involved in field work in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Laos, China, Vietnam, Poland, Liberia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.

Recent Publications

  • Inequality and Poverty in China in the Age of Globalization (jointly with Carl Riskin), Oxford University Press, New York, 2000 (forthcoming).
  • "Globalization and Human Development in South Asia" in United Nations Development Programme, Globalization with a Human Face, Background Papers, Vol. II, Human Development Report 1999 , UNDP, New York, 1999.
  • Income Distribution in Urban China During the Period of Economic Reform and Globalization", American Economic Review , May 1999 (AEA Papers and Proceedings) (jointly with Griffin and Riskin).
  • "Poverty in China", in Zhao Renwei and Carl Riskin (Eds), Revisiting Income Distribution in China , Beijing 1999. In Chinese.
  • "Income and Inequality in China: Composition, Distribution and Growth of Household Income, 1988 to 1995", China Quarterly , June 1998, jointly with Carl Riskin. Chinese translation published in Zhao Renwei and Carl Riskin (Eds), Revisiting Income Distribution in China , Beijing 1999. In Chinese.
  • "The Impact of Globalization on South Asia", in A. S. Bhalla (editor), Globalization, Growth and Marginalization , Macmillan, London and St. Martin's Press, New York,1998. Also in French translation in Mondialisation, Croissance et Marginalisation published by Centre de Recherches pour le Developpement International, Ottawa, 1998.
  • "Growth and Poverty in East and South-East Asia in the Era of Globalization", in A.S. Bhalla (editor), op.cit . Also in French translation, op.cit .
  • "Integration into Global Economy" in Keith Griffin (editor), Economic Reform in Vietnam , Macmillan, London and St. Martin's Press, New York, 1998.
  • "Vietnam's Rural Economy: Performance and Prospects", in Keith Griffin (editor), op.cit .
  • Employment Expansion and Macroeconomic Stability Under Increasing Globalization , Macmillan, London and St. Martin's Press, New York, 1997 (Co-editor with M. Muqtada).
  • Philippines: Employment in a Globalizing and Liberalizing World , International Labour Organization, Manila, 1997.
  • "A Quarter Century of Development of Bangladesh: Successes and Failures", Bangladesh Development Studies , Vol. 23 (actually published in 1997 though dated 1995 because of the time lag in the publication of the journal).

A Selection of Current Research Projects

  • Effects of Globalization on the Developing Countries. Having studied the case of China and carried out overviews of South Asia and East Asia (see the list of publications above), is currently studying the case of Nepal. This is a project supported by the UNCTAD and the UNDP.
  • An analysis of the change in income distribution and its sources in Bangladesh between 1991/92 and 1995/96. This is based on the household level data obtained from the two most recent Household Expenditure Surveys in Bangladesh. This is being done in collaboration with Binayak Sen of the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies.

Courses Taught


  • Theories of Economic Development
  • Applied Quantitative Methods in Development Economics
  • Project Evaluation in Developing Countries


  • History of Economic Thought
  • Trade, Globalization and Development
  • Introductory Microeconomics

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