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Ph.D. Candidates 2015-2016

Placement Director

Tae-Hwy Lee
Phone: (951) 827-1509
Placement Coordinator
Gary Kuzas
Phone: (951) 827-1474
Candidate Dissertation References
(* Advisor)
Major Fields
Chatterjee, Indrani
Indrani Chatterjee
"Runoff Variability & Transboundary Water Management: An Assessment of Risk to Regional Agreements from Likely Climatic Change" Ariel Dinar*
Aman Ullah
Todd Sorensen
Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics, Environmental & Natural Resource Economics
Ge, Yan
Yan Ge
Paper 1 | Paper 2
"Essays in Testing and Forecasting with Nested Predictive Regression Models Using Encompassing Principle" Tae-Hwy Lee*
Aman Ullah
Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera
Kong, Wen
Wen Kong
"Essays on the Quantity and Quality Management of Rivers"

Keith Knapp*
Richard Arnott
David Malueg

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Panda, Pallavi
Pallavi Panda
"Essays on Trade and Human Capital Outcomes in Developing Countries" Anil Deolalikar*
Aman Ullah
Mindy Marks
Development Economics, Health Economics, Demography, Applied Microeconomics
Zhang, Huiling
Huiling Zhang
"Essays on Information Acquisition and information Sharing" David A. Malueg*
Richard J. Arnott
Urmee Khan
Mindy Marks
Applied Game Theory
Applied Econometrics
Industrial Organization
Applied Microeconomics
Zhou, Dong
Dong Zhou
"Understanding the Long Term Impacts of the Critical Historic Event: The Cultural Revolution in China"

Mindy S. Marks*
Aman Ullah
Victor Lippit
Jorge M. Aguero

Development Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Economics, Public Policy

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